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Welcome to the Origins Market! Empty Welcome to the Origins Market!

Post  Gold Mercenary2 on Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:54 pm

Welcome, it is with great optimism that I announce The Origins Market, open for business.

Now, the leader of our Trade Union is Smorigins, or smorigins if you know him in game, and he was the one who started this great cause by selling all of his wares at a cost of almost 50% less than the current Dead Frontier Marketplace value. Smorigins is a generous and kind player, giving all he owns for almost no monetary value, he is in relative terms a Pioneer of Generousity.

Our aim here at Origins Market is to promote the cheap selling and buying of all Dead Frontier related goods and we hope that some within the Dead Frontier community can overcome their greed and join us in making the game an easier and much more beneficial place for the entirety of the Dead Frontier playerbase, now make now mistake it's not an easy task and many will have to overcome great greed to dedicate themselves to this cause.

We promote the use of this forum and private Dead Frontier Marketplace trade over the use of the Public Buy/Sell market over the game. The prices are far too steep and too many people are benefitting through greed, this is not a healthy moral to be instilling into the playerbase and we want to stop the Greed at it's source by eliminating the need for vast amounts of money using a technique of forming a bond between each and every player of reliance, modest trust, compassion and generosity - this does not mean we give everything we own without a second thought, afterall we do have some self preservation.

If you would gladly take part in our wonderful cause and make Dead Frontier a more humourous and friendly place to play then join us and spread the word about us by posting a link in your forum signature.

For the forseeable future our prices will remain at 25 to 50 percent less than the market value. This is our number one rule, we ask only that each member profit mildly from their gains instead of overpricing their items for unneccasary gain and greedy satisfaction.

I hope that you all can see that EVERY single player, that every one of you, can see that the potential gains to be made in this venture are incomparable to the friends and enjoyment you will get from transforming Dead Frontier from "Just another game with a greedy, selfcentred playerbase" to "A place that every player has a good time, if you happen to get hacked and lose your stuff, people will kindly donate their items to you".

We have a dream. A dream that every player of Dead Frontier appreciates our aspirations and aids us in making it a more enjoyable enviroment, instilling good morals, judgement and kindness that will eventually spill into the real world and other games. We will change the entire world, one act of random kindness at a time.

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